There are twelve given styles from which the Recipe question will come, so you must prepare classically appropriate recipes for all twelve possibilities.  Use common equipment parameters and keep the ingredients simple, but true to the style.  I would also recommend aiming for the midpoints of OG, SRM, IBU and FG per each style.  If you use brewing software like BeerSmith, it’s very helpful to create these eleven recipes in your software using the same equipment profile and assumptions.  The tough part is that the expectation for the Recipe Question is almost “grain to glass,” meaning every minute detail from crushing the grain to using the proper glassware and serving at the right temperature is fair game.  Each grader seems to have their pet items they look for.

And a large percentage of the question is relating the recipe to the style, and that should include both process and ingredients.  Many examinees neglect or poorly answer this section.

Lagers: German Pilsner, Festbier, Marzen, Dopplebock, Czech Pale Premium lager  (If you don’t specify decoction mash, mention it as traditionally accurate and why it was done.)

Ales:  Strong Bitter, Irish Stout, American Porter, American IPA, Double IPA, Belgian Tripel and Weisse (on Weisse, same decoction mash advice applies.)