Style questions are the crux of the Written exam.  The new exam lists many different possible threesomes of styles to compare, and completing a style question accurately to the expectations of the graders in the time allowed is difficult.

The 100-plus threesomes include many styles not listed in the previous Legacy format, and the frequency of which certain styles appear most often is also dramatically different from before.  For example, Wee Heavy and Märzen each appear many times, so the likelihood of seeing those two on your exam is higher than say, Rauchbier or Fruit Lambic, each of which appear just once.  In that respect, the gamblers among you can play the odds and study the styles appearing most frequently a little more.   Along that same line of thought, the twelve Recipe styles overlap with the style threesomes, and a third of the Recipe question is about tying recipe to style.   So it makes good sense to know the Recipe styles very well.