I do a basic all-grain process with some additional steps.  I condition the grain the night before with distilled water spritzing that softens the husks so they twist off rather than shred to bits.  It really helps with lautering and efficiency.  I’m a big advocate of water chemistry to ensure the water has enough calcium and magnesium, and that the chloride:sulfate ratio suits the style.  The vorlauf/recycle takes only 2-4 quarts to run clear and then I collect and usually use FWH in most brews.  I chill with first tap and then ice water which creates excellent cold break.  A stainless steel scrubby and a fine mesh bag leave the wort extremely clear so I usually have only yeast trub in the fermentor and don’t lose much volume there.  I  bottled a four-gallon batch for years, but finally moved to kegging and to five-gallons since I’m brewing once a month now.